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Working a Barrier, Practicing and Success in the Arena with PRCA Team Roper Brock Hanson

What advice would you give someone that has success in the practice pen, but falls apart at a rodeo or roping?

In my opinion, in order to compete well you have to compete often. I know it can be hard and expensive to do, but roping for money is not the same as practicing. It doesn’t matter if it is for $100.00 or $20,000, you can’t get that feel at home or at a friend’s practice pen.

What advice would you give on working the barrier correctly?

First your horse has to be able to score and has to be able to leave off your hand when you release him. If that is happening, then it goes to the rider. The best way for me is to set up a rope barrier and practice scoring and getting a start at home on a competition set up.

What are some of the mistakes you see ropers make in the pen?

The biggest mistakes I see is people going to practice and just going through the motions and not working on anything. Although at times you have the opposite which is someone trying to work on everything. I like working on one thing at a time.

What do you look for in a roping prospect?

I look at a horse’s ability but more important is their mind. I have had some really talented horses but they were too fragile minded to take the pressure.

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