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WPRA Barrel Racer Syndi Blanchard is heading to her Third National Finals Rodeo!



Sydni Blanchard is headed to her third National Finals Rodeo sitting 11th. Read on to learn about her highs and lows and her plans in Vegas!

Please tell us about your outstanding year! Talk us through your highs and your lows. 

There are many highs and lows through out the year.  For us this year was about perseverance.  We went most of the winter without placing and finally it seemed we were going to win Houston and had a hit barrel in the ten  round leaving us through half of the season without very much won for the year.  I continue to learn that it is always Gods timing not our own.  I had also been to the Mayo clinic three times , the brain plasticity clinic, had stem cell therapy done as well as anything else we could think of to help with the chronic headaches that has put a significant burden on competing in a professional sport.  There are so many people who have stepped up and helped me out on the road. I physically would not have made the finals without my friends and family that gave up their time and energy to help me on the road.  Our big hit was in August with only two months of the season left. I had help and my horses were sound and healthy. In one month we won around fifty thousand securing our spot for the NFR. It takes an army and I am endlessly grateful for those who helped me and my horses this year.

Please tell us about the horses you will be taking with you to Vegas and what makes them so special?!

I will have two horses with me in Vegas. Famous Heartbreaker, a seven year old Dash Ta Fame mare and, Mr Famous Jess, an eight year old gelding.  Heart will be my main mount at the finals and Jesse will be there to keep consistency in our runs when Heart needs a break.  They are both great horses that are complete blessings to our program. Jesse is pleasing and consistent and Heart brings the grit, they make a great team.

This will be your third time at the National Finals Rodeo, what will you do different this year than in the years past and why?

Qualifying for the third time for the National Finals Rodeo does make a huge difference in how I prepare for the finals. Im a planner, therefore, having the experience of knowing where everything is, where to keep my horses, what the practices are like, and organizing autograph sessions is not as stressful as it has been in the past.  I do feel there is no way to prepare yourself and your horse for ten runs in the Thomas and Mack. It seems you better hope your horse happens to like the pen.  I have worked on soundness and preparing in small pens in the past but what I have learned is the “winning” must be left up to God and to just enjoy your time there.

You will be making 10 runs in 10 days. How will you prepare your horse before the run each night and what will you do to take care of him/her after the run (massage, magnets, liniment, wraps, etc)? How will you keep yourself healthy during those 10 days?

Each horse has their own program, I try to stick to the same program as much as possible.  I think it is important to listen to your horse. You can tell a lot from watching them and paying attention to what they need throughout the day. I like to ride mine earlier in the day give them a good work out and then lightly warm up before competing.  Doing so makes them less stressed and more responsive.  CL Butch Mayhugh with Stress line Equine Products will be there the whole time to keep my horses happy and healthy.  I use the Revita Vet, Centurion , PHT magnets, and stress line products, massage therapy and the theraplate to keep my horses comfortable.

What advice would you give to someone that is wanting to make their dream of making the NFR come true?

The advice I have for one who has a dream of making the NFR is NEVER give up.  If you truly want something you will figure out how to make it happen.  Do not let the negative thoughts of all the reasons you cannot make it stop you.  There is ALWAYS a way around every obstacle. Remember “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. I also do mental coaching on goal setting and achieving your dreams. You can set up your appointment through my website at

Thank you to Syndi for taking the time to do this interview and Good Luck in Vegas!

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